How to start services in Windows Safe Mode

You have to start the computer in safe mode to debug, solve some issue or to test something. But when you start in safe mode, you notice that many services are missing.

It would be nice if you could use these services wouldn’t it? But could you?? Hell yeah you could.

You just gotto do some playing around with the registry.

So I’ll give an example (This is in Windows 7 btw),

I was doing some web development work with xampp where I used both mysql and apache services. But in safe mode I noticed these were not working.

If I try to go to services and start the service, I get an error
Error 1084: This service cannot be started in safe mode

So here’s what we do.



If you go to the following path


You’ll notice the entries Minimal and Network


Minimal – will have the services that are used in Safe Mode

Network- will have the services that are used in Safe Mode with Networking

So… We can add the service we want under the preferred entry (Minimal or Network) and use it in it.

How to add the entry?

All the current services that are enabled under the Normal mode (not Safe Mode) are listed under


So in my case I saw the following entry under the above path,


I wanted this to be available for me in Safe mode with Networking

So I added the key “mysql” as following


Then added a new String with a value “Service” as following


After this. Restart the computer and start xampp.


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